Employee Spotlight – Jody Fuller

Published On: March 6, 2024|

Rothe Enterprises, Inc. is proud to recognize and highlight the many accomplishments of our exemplary employees. With diverse backgrounds and a wide-range of skill sets, there is much to highlight about the team members who are a part of the Rothe family. For our first edition, Rothe would like to feature Jody Fuller in our Employee Spotlight, with later editions coming out on a quarterly basis. Should you have any feedback about this new feature, please reach out to the webmaster. We believe that Rothe has some of the best of the best supporting NASA’s Space Program, and we are proud to feature Jody for this pilot Employee Spotlight!

Jody Fuller has spent many years working at Kennedy Space Center as both a Systems Engineer, and Project Manager until his retirement on January 2, 2024. Joining Rothe in July of 2020, Jody served on the KLXS Contract under the ARES Corporation. His service to NASA’s mission has been exemplary, and he has earned the respect of Rothe, customers and peers alike. As a Systems Engineer he was responsible for the design, integration and testing of the Tail Service Mast Umbilicals that are integrated into the Mobile Launcher used for the Artemis launches. These Umbilicals are used to fuel the vehicle and accommodate the flow of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. During the testing and configuration
of these systems, Jody oversaw these processes to ensure proper performance without any unforeseen issues for launch safety. Wind motion testing, also known as “On Pad Stay” motion, as well as water testing of the cooling flood and acoustic sound suppression water was a vital part of the work that Jody did as his time as a Systems Engineer.

During his time at Kennedy Space Center, Jody and his teams created many reports to be presented to NASA for testing approval; most notably on the subjects of vibration testing and Reliability Maintainability Analysis. His knowledge and expertise have afforded him the opportunity to serve as the “knowledge expert” when touring guests on the Crew Access Arm, including astronaut Peggy Whitson! Jody’s work has been a vital part of the future of spaceflight as we move closer to the launch of Artemis II.

Jody- Rothe would like to thank you for your years of dedicated service. Your strong work ethic and dedication to NASA’s mission has left a lasting impact on the space program, and we wish you all of the best as you enjoy your retirement!

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