Rothe Partners Win NASA Contract for Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Operations

Rothe Partners Win NASA Contract for Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Operations

Published On: June 28, 2024|

Rothe Development Inc. and Rothe Enterprises Inc. proudly announce our continued partnership with the Vertex Team. We are excited to continue being part of this team and this contract to keep the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Operations running smoothly!

Excerpt from original press release “NASA has awarded a contract to Vertex Aerospace, LLC of Madison, Mississippi, for labor support to ensure continuing safe operations of the Sonny Carter Training Facility at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory Operations Contract II has a two-year base period that begins Oct. 1, followed by five option periods ranging from one to two years with a possible extension of services through 2034. The total potential value of the contract is $265.2 million. The contract includes a cost-plus-award-fee portion, which covers the core work of the contract, and an option to transition to cost-plus-fixed-fee and back again.

Under the contract, Vertex Aerospace will provide technical, managerial, and administrative work needed to ensure the reliability of integrated hardware and software systems used at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory to prepare astronauts for human spaceflight missions.

The Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory is a unique facility that is available at all times for critical training and mission support operations and is kept in a ready state to support the dynamic nature of human spaceflight. The laboratory features a 6.2-million-gallon pool, an essential tool for spacewalk training, simulates the weightlessness experienced by astronauts in space.”

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